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Veteran Attacked And Robbed In Daphne


Posted: Feb 26, 2014 3:36 PM PST Updated: Feb 26, 2014 4:16 PM PST By Pat Peterson

DAPHNE, Alabama - Robert Huber was enjoying a quiet Tuesday night at home when he heard a knock on his front door.

Two men forced their way inside, knocked Huber out of his wheelchair, him in the head, then stolen Huber's flat screen television, a DVD player and his cable box.

Huber, who served in both the Navy and Air Force, is in obvious pain. Huber questions why the men ambushed him.

"I've lived a good life,"says Huber. "I've never asked anybody for a dime and to have somebody come here and treat me the way they did, knock me down and hit me, start stealing stuff....terrible!"

The attack could have been much worse. Huber was able to activate his Life Alert emergency response system.

Police received the call and responded quickly. The Life Alert could have saved Huber's life.

Unfortunately, police don't have a lot of information about the home invasion at this point. Huber was ambushed and knocked to the ground so quickly, he was unable to get a good look at the two suspects.

Call the Daphne Police Department if you have any information about the crime.

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