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A big buzzword in the medical/nutrition/healing communities today is inflammation. Recently, the connection between inflammation and disease has become established. Chronic inflammation within our bodies erodes our wellness, paves the path for ill health and speeds up aging. Hidden food allergies can overstimulate the immune system, causing inflammation; any inflammation in the body interferes with and slows down metabolism and our natural healing response. Unfortunately, imbalances in our standard diet cause most Americans to suffer from fairly high levels of inflammation. Older Americans are especially at risk; the effects of inflammation can manifest in seniors as heart disease, arthritis and other problems.


The good news is that disease caused by inflammation can often be controlled or prevented through proper nutrition. “The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book” gives readers specifics on how to eat and cook in order to prevent and counter inflammation, promoting simpler and easier digestion, and offering less insult to the body by reducing intake of toxins and other difficult to digest foods. –Don Rose


Medical research shows that chronic inflammation in our bodies erodes wellness, makes us age faster, and leads to degenerative diseases. Hidden food allergies can over-stimulate the immune system, causing inflammation, which in turn slows down metabolism and our natural healing response. Unfortunately, due to imbalances in the standard American diet, most Americans suffer from fairly high levels of inflammation. As a result, many people develop chronic diseases that could be controlled or prevented through proper nutrition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seven out of ten deaths are caused by chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, all of which have a direct connection to inflammation and nutrition.

What can be done to ensure optimal health and healing? "The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book," written by leading naturopathic doctor Jessica K. Black, N.D., helps readers reclaim health by guiding them to practices that facilitate cellular regeneration rather than cellular degeneration and disease. Dr. Black educates readers on making diet choices that promote easier digestion, reduce the intake of toxins, and allow greater absorption of nutrients. The result is improved cellular function and metabolism, and possibly greater vitality and beauty -- not to mention a longer life.

Appropriate for men and women of all ages (even children), Dr. Black's book offers specifics on what to eat and how to cook in order to counter and even prevent inflammation. While providing delicious food choices, the diet eliminates allergens and reduces the intake of pesticides, hormones and antibiotic residues. It encourages whole foods; reduces processed foods, sugars, and other potential toxins such as hydrogenated oils; and encourages ample intake of vegetables and fruits for essential nutrients. Changing one's diet, preparing healthy meals, and enjoying nutritious foods were never so easy.

"The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book," in bookstores nationwide, will help people learn to eat and cook healthily. The first half explains the benefits of healthy eating, and provides information about the scientific background of anti-inflammation diets. The second half contains 125 easy-to-prepare recipes, a week's sample menus for summer and winter, nutritional analysis for all recipes and a food substitution chart, so that readers can modify their favorite recipes and make them healthier.

Book Title: “The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book: Protect Yourself and Your Family from Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies -- and More.”

Author: Jessica K. Black.
Category: Health & Fitness / Diets.
ISBN 0-89793-485-7 / Paperback $14.95.

About the Author: Jessica K. Black, N.D. co-founded and runs a primary care center called A Family Healing Center in McMinnville, Oregon with her husband, Jason Black, N.D. She specializes in women's medicine including menopause, as well as allergies, asthma, pediatrics, nutrition, detoxification, and herbal medicine.


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